Flanged gate valve rubber wedge- NP 16 - "Long series" F5 - Manoeuvre by squares 30 x 30 mm - FSIH

Applications : Water supply & water distribution network, irrigation, sewage treatment & discharge water, hydraulic equipment.

Working temperatures : -10°C to +70°C.

Specifications :

EN-GJS-500-7 Ductile iron body & square opearting handle.

EN-GJS-500-7 Ductile iron gate, EPDM over-molded.

Body with powder epoxy coated.

Stainless steel bolts & nuts.

Uper case packing gland type dismountable under pressure.

Connection : Bored flanges according to EN 1092-2.

Locking device : Anti-clockwise (FAH).

Agreements & tests :

Manufacturing according to EN 1171.

Face to face according to EN558-1/DIN 3202-F4.

Testing according to EN 1074-2.